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Archive for February, 2011

The Bob and Tom Show: The Joke I Didn’t Do

Three weeks ago I was on The Bob and Tom Radio Show. Of course being a guest on that hugely successful syndicated morning radio program is always a big thrill. Although I had a great time and got a few big laughs, I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to get to my favorite new joke. Maybe it was because of time restraints? Couldn’t have been that I wasn’t being funny, right? I suppose anything is possible…. Probably it was more  likely that Tom was not comfortable  with my new “biker friendly Sturgis Motorcycle Rally jokes”  for fear that I might say something inappropriate. I guess if I were him, I’d be worried too. So I blame the FCC  for not letting me do my new favorite make-you-think dirty bit. It’s cleaned up for radio and I decided to post it here.

Every woman I’ve ever had sex with has been big boned. I’m not saying that they’ve been heavy, I’m saying that I’m well hung. That’s a big “you know what” joke. And I like doing big “you know what” jokes because after the show it helps me get laid. And then when I do bring a woman home and it turns out she’s disappointed, all I have to say is, “Hey: It was a joke.”

Can’t wait to do this one this summer at The Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground where I will use the word “dick” in place of “you know what.”

Dwight York and the Cops

I was on the show TV show Cops once. Big disappointment when it aired because of the way it was edited. I wouldn’t even have bragged to my friends that I was going to be on TV if I knew that they were going to digitally blot out my nuts and stuff.

For more of my run-ins with the law check out my latest YouTube video clip. Recorded Jan 29, 2011 at the world famous Wiley’s Comedy Club; Dayton OH.

Good Health Tips from The Vile File Guy

Recorded at Wiley’s Comedy Nite Club; January 29, 2011. Filmed and edited by Marques Bunn’s girlfriend’s cousin Dan.

2009 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

That’s me and my all access pass. Later that day Stephen Tyler crashed.

This is me the day all hell fell from the sky: Hail stones the size C cup breasts.

Blogger Me

I am an old “road dog” stand-up comic. Two years ago, in the pursuit of remaining relevant in this brutal business, I decided I needed to prove that stand-up comedy could be done outdoors for hard-asses at the biggest motorcycle rally in the world.

During that long winter of 2009, I was nearing the end of a huge midlife crisis; meaning I was about to give up. Long swim in the ocean? Dive into an active volcano? Feed myself to grizzlies… Anyway before I took the easy way out, I decided I’d try something stupid.

So opened a new chapter of my life; the one I begin chronicling today. I hope the trials and tribulations of doing comedy at venues like motorcycle rallies, tattoo conventions and rock clubs proves to be compelling. And provides the reader a few chuckles.

Soon I will embark on my latest big-idea endeavor: Dwight York’s Rock Club Comedy Mayhem Tour. The goal is to bring my irreverent brand of bad-boy humor to cool people at cool non-traditional venues. I describe it as: “an evening of raucous R-rated comedy for a rollicking rowdy good time.”

In searching for a way to keep “the dream alive,” I’ve learned a lot about myself. Sure hope this adventure helps me find my audience:

“This show is for…. You know who you are.”

Tour Dates
  • Events are coming soon, stay tuned!