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24/7 Radio’s Featured Comedian of the Week

This Monday thru Friday (May 2- 6) I am the “Featured Comedian of the Week” on 24/7 Comedy Radio

If you haven’t yet heard of 24/7 Comedy Radio, you do not live in Kansas City. If you do not live in Kansas City (or in one of the other four markets), I predict that 24/7 Comedy Radio will be on your radio dial soon. Last Fall The Donkey Comedy Network launched this new all-comedy radio station and it’s gaining listeners fast.

24/7 Comedy Radio is the first short-attention-span, fast-paced, hits-oriented, mass-appeal comedy radio format for terrestrial radio. I believe it’s arrival is long over due. Sunday night I talked to George Gimarc, Founding Partner of the Donkey Comedy Network and Ops Director for 24/7 Comedy Radio. We had a long conversation. He was excited to share his vision. I am excited to be part of it.

If you are in Kansas City (or are lucky enough to be in one of the other radio markets that currently carry this cool new station) you can hear me throughout the day (and night) all week long. Or you can listen online 24/7 Comedy Radio.

Good luck to my new friends at 24/7 Comedy Radio. Thanks for having me on!

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