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I am an old “road dog” stand-up comic. Two years ago, in the pursuit of remaining relevant in this brutal business, I decided I needed to prove that stand-up comedy could be done outdoors for hard-asses at the biggest motorcycle rally in the world.

During that long winter of 2009, I was nearing the end of a huge midlife crisis; meaning I was about to give up. Long swim in the ocean? Dive into an active volcano? Feed myself to grizzlies… Anyway before I took the easy way out, I decided I’d try something stupid.

So opened a new chapter of my life; the one I begin chronicling today. I hope the trials and tribulations of doing comedy at venues like motorcycle rallies, tattoo conventions and rock clubs proves to be compelling. And provides the reader a few chuckles.

Soon I will embark on my latest big-idea endeavor: Dwight York’s Rock Club Comedy Mayhem Tour. The goal is to bring my irreverent brand of bad-boy humor to cool people at cool non-traditional venues. I describe it as: “an evening of raucous R-rated comedy for a rollicking rowdy good time.”

In searching for a way to keep “the dream alive,” I’ve learned a lot about myself. Sure hope this adventure helps me find my audience:

“This show is for…. You know who you are.”

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  • Events are coming soon, stay tuned!