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Not Everybody is Going to Get Him

“Not everybody is going to get him,” is what a certain powerful big-shot comedy booking agent told a very funny friend of mine when dismissing the suggestion that he should work me more. I was not surprised to learn the reason I was dropped from the tour he booked; it’s the story of my career. The sad part of this story is that he said it with contempt. Seems Mr. Big Shot resents what I do. I make people laugh by scoffing at the rules.

That’s a fair enough assessment, I would have to confess. No one has ever accused me of being main-stream. I don’t talk to the audience, nor do I pretend I am their new best friend. I don’t point out how we all have so much in common and about how funny all of our lives can become. I just tell as many good jokes as I can.  

Sometimes I get to do a show where everybody does get me. I just booked one that I think will be like that. March 19, I will be headlining the annual C.C. (Capitol City) Rider’s Comedy Show. It’s held at their clubhouse in Madison, WI. Really looking forward to that. Bikers not only know how to have a good time and can appreciate a good joke; they aren’t main-stream either. http://www.ccridersmc.org/

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