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Cool Album Covers from Stand Up! Records

Nerd Alert (available on Amazon.com) is the new comedy release from Stand Up! Records. Although I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet, I know the cover is awesome. Zander Cannon created the artwork; Stand Up! Records just posted it on Facebook. I added the comment, “Almost as cool as mine.” Not to brag (actually I do) but I’m also on the Stand Up! Records label and have an awesome album cover too. The artwork for my CD Quickies was created by world famous caricaturist and long-time illustrator for Mad Magazine, Mort Drucker.

The main reason I decided to sign with Stand Up! Records was because the owner/producer Dan Schlissel is a perfectionist and demands that all things bearing his good name be of the highest quality. Schlissel produced Lewis Black’s The Carnegie Hall Performance which won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album. From production value to artwork, nobody does a comedy album better than Stand Up! Records.

When discussing what I wanted for my cover, I told Schlissel that I’d like caricature of me. He asked what I thought about Mort Drucker. I said there was no artist in the world I’d rather have create it. Schlissel contacted his people, terms were negotiated and Drucker agreed. I felt like I won the lottery.

I grew up reading Mad Magazine. Undoubtedly it was a big influence on my comedy. That’s why I am so especially honored and humbled that one of the greatest caricaturists of our time — one of my comedy heroes — created my album cover. Thanks to Mort Drucker for capturing my comedy persona so perfectly. And thanks to Dan Schlissel for believing enough in me to make the investment. It ranks as one of the proudest accomplishments of my career.

You can view more of Mort Drucker’s artwork at www.mortdrucker.com.

To view more cool album covers from Stand Up! Records (there are many) visit the Stand Up! Records Facebook page (and like it while you are there).

If you want to know what Dan Schissel looks like, it’s his head who breathes fire on the Nerd Alert cover.

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