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Currently on Hiatus

About a year ago I moved to Southern California. I always expected to live here one day. Back when I began my stand-up comedy adventure, I thought that’d be because of some big career break, like to work on my new TV show. But sadly….

Twenty-five years of working the road has taken it’s toll. Turns out a guy can only take so much rejection. But instead of throwing in the towel, I decided to embark on something new. So here I am, these many years later, living in Long Beach instead of Hollywood. And instead of working at a studio lot, I got a mundane job in the real world.

My new goal is to pursue my creative efforts in my free time in this land where dreams can come true (within driving distance anyway, rent in Hollywood is beyond my means). I haven’t done much stand-up yet, but I am hard at work on a writing project. It’s a work of fiction. A novel. I’d like to think of it as literature. It’s about a bitter aging homeless comic who’s about ready to snap. The main character is loosely based on myself and the story is drawn from my many years of lonely painful doggedly determined existence.

I do plan to return to the comedy stage. I’m working on retooling the act with an eye towards making it more commercially viable. I just booked my first headline gig in over a year. It’s next month at a VFW in a small town a few hours from here. Perfect venue for my style of comedy which is, as the title of my comedy special from Stand Up! Records suggests, Belongs in a Bar. That show promises to be a sell-out. Hope it’s the beginning of something new.

Sometimes when you get knocked down, I think it’s best to just stay on the ground.                

5 Responses to “Currently on Hiatus”

  • Hey Dwight, please excuse my brevity…..
    My name is Ben, but BC Benoit on facebook (as an alias) but I usually have my FB shut down anyways due to I find my mind is much calmer without social media. Anyways, I turned it on to see how grand everyone else’s life is and saw your post. We met at the Acme in minneapolis several years ago and shared a beer after your set. I think it was a winter Monday open mic night, I came too late for sign ups, and you came to show everyone how it was done. Loved your stuff. Thought you were one of the funnier comedians I had seen in a long time (and have I listened to a lot). I am from MN, but live up in SF,CA. I was an actor growing up in Minneapolis at the Guthrie theatre and several other Minneapolis companies. I did stand up in SF seriously for only about a year, but burnt out sooo quick cause I was older (35 at the time) and had been bartending for years, performing in a folk band occassionaly. oh And drinking. I did have the luck to open for some great comedians though the short time I did it.
    Anyways,just want to give a shout out to keep going. You got mad skills, great delivery and heart. I am writing a play/short film write now while in grad school. I am burnt out too in my own way. but Do what you got to Dwight!! and I cant wait to read your book. No pressure, I am a Vikings fan. Put me on your mailing list if you got one and cheers. Did I mention Go Viikes! ben.

    • Dwight:

      I remember! Always great to chat with someone with such good taste in comedy. We chatted some online too. I admire your courage in stepping away from social media. I did the same…. About my work of fiction… I’d be happy to send you a copy, when ready, if you’re so inclined to read it. Either it will be the completed first half or the novella. I’ll have it on PDF. Probably, after trying find a publisher, I will self-publish, Kindle. But first I’m going to try…. If you ever have anything you want to send my way to read… Happy to give my thoughts (even though you’re a Vikings fan, go Pack go!). PS I have to admit, Minnesota looks good, and I”m talking football.

  • Gerald Anderson,Squig:

    Good hearing from you,good luck.all is well back here in the cold.tried loading your cd,Cole files into my new laptop,it said it was ill,not a virus but just sick😈😈

  • Tim adams:

    Good luck dwight!

  • Cin.:

    Heard yoy on I ❤ radio 24/7 comedy channel… was looking to see where you were peforming and found yiur blog.
    Funny stuff.
    All the best in 2018

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