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Joe Hurley: My New Best (facebook) Friend

Thanks to the power of the Internet and my new blog I have a cool (and famous) new facebook friend. I have acquired other cool (and famous) facebook friends in the past, but this is the first time I received the request. It came with a very kind message too. It is these little triumphs that make the struggling and starving artist part of being a comic seem worthwhile.

Joe Hurley narrated the audio book Life by Keith Richards. I wrote about it last week (see previous post). Life won the prestigious Best Audio Book Of The Year; 2011 Audie Awards. Hurley accepted the award (Life won two) at the ceremony in New York City. “Helluva joy ride” is how Hurley described the privilege of narrating the Keith Richards autobiography. “Helluva joy ride” is how I felt listening to him read it.

Just how good is Hurley’s narration? Jimmy Vivino (band leader/music director of the Basic Cable Band on TV’s Conan) put it perfectly. The voice in my own head was never this hip. It’s Keithian to the tenth degree! Even after reading the book I can go back and listen to Joe again and again… poetry.

Someday I would like to narrate an audio book too. Mine. I spend most of my free time writing. It has become my passion. Almost an obsession. Although writing provides me with a certain amount of joy, it also fills me with dread. Is the toil and frustration worth the effort? Maybe I am just wasting my time. I pour my heart into my new blog and I wonder if anybody ever reads my words. Thanks to a message I received last night, I know the guy who narrated Keith Richards autobiography (with Johnny Depp) has.

I need to get to New York City. I would like to meet Joe Hurley. I would love to hear his band play live (he fronts two: Joe Hurley & Rogue’s March; Joe Hurley & The Gents). Plus I have a few questions for Joe. Have you met Keith Richards? Are you guys friends? What’s Keith like? Maybe Marc Maron should have Joe Hurley on his podcast. Maybe Joe Hurley should do a podcast and interview Keith Richards himself. Somebody should. I bet Joe’s got good stories too.

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