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Lady Luck

Laughing Skull Lounge; Atlanta: The quarter finals for The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival continue tonight. I will be performing in the late show; 10:30 PM. Each show pits twelve comics against each other; two comics advance to the semi-finals. There is a lot of great talent at this year’s festival. To give myself a chance to advance, I will need to have more than a great set tonight. I will also need a bit of luck.

I have entered many comedy contests over the years and it has been my experience that certain variables in which the comic has no control has a great deal to do with what determines the outcome (I call that luck). You don’t want to go up too early. You don’t want to go up too late. You don’t want to follow somebody who kills. You don’t want to follow someone who digs a hole. The most important variable is what style of comedy the people judging you favor. Comedy is subjective, after all. Probably it should never be judged. I have mixed feeling about these competitions, but I do know this. Comedy contests are never fair, but they sure are great to win.

Some people do not believe in luck. Some people believe you make your own luck. I don’t know what I believe but I do know this. If I am able to advance to the semi-finals I will consider myself lucky.

I’m writing a novel that explores this “what about luck” theme. It’s about a bitter aging homeless comic who’s about ready to snap. Some might think that this character is based on me. I say that this is a work of fiction. That any resemblance to any persons, living or dead….

What Luck. All rights reserved; copyright 2011 by Dwight York

Every comic believes he has what it takes to be a star. Just as every comic believes he’s but one lucky break away from striking it big. Most comics believe their lucky break is waiting right around the corner. Daryl Carroll certainly believed he had what it took, and he certainly believed he needed a break. But he doubted luck would have anything to do with it. For Daryl Carroll had come to believe that if there really was such a thing as Lady Luck she was working the corner because she was a whore.

Wish me luck tonight. I will let you know how it goes.

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