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Laughlin Laugh Fest: 2nd Place Big Win

October 3-5 in Laughlin, Nevada, I was proud to be part of the Laughlin Laugh Fest. The festival brought together something like fifty comics from all over the country. I was entered in the headliner contest — twenty comics competed for $10,000 in prize money. There were three rounds in the contest, ten comics moved on to the semi-finals, five comics competed in the final round, top three comics earned money.  All three rounds were hosted by Felipe Esparza (winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, 2010). Dale Jones won first place, I took 2nd prize, Julia Scotti finished third.

There are two reasons I am so very proud of my 2nd place win. Most importantly, the panel of five judges were esteemed comedy industry professionals, all of whom I greatly respect and whose opinions I greatly value. I’ve been at this crazy comedy game for more than 25 years. It’s nice to know that some comedy VIPs think my unique style of joke slinging is a good (funny) thing. Judging all three rounds were: Michelle Scarbrough, agent at ICM Partners; Randi Siegel of Ranid Siegel Entertainment; Joel Pace booking agent at Comedy Zone Worldwide; and comedians Randy Lubas and Richy Leis. The other reason I am so proud of my finish is the guy that came in 1st place is (in my opinion) the funniest guy out there — and I mean fantastically funny and way “out there.” Different is GOOD! Jones received a partial standing ovation in the final round. I posted to my Facebook page the pic below, “Congrats to Dale Jones for winning the Laughlin Laugh Fest. And thanks for making finishing 2nd my biggest win!”

BOTTOM LINE: I rate the Laughlin Laugh Fest five stars. I laughed. I learned. I fretted. I celebrated. I had a blast. Great thanks to all my lucky stars!

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