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LIFE by Keith Richards: Best Listen Ever // Marc Maron Should Get This Guy on His Podcast

TalkBooksWorld.com LIFE Takes Audie Award May 24, 2011: New York based pop singer and songwriter, Joe Hurley, who narrated the critically acclaimed “LIFE” with Keith Richards and Johnny Depp, accepted the prestigious Best Audio Book Of The Year Award at tonight’s 2011 Audie Awards Ceremony in New York City. “LIFE,” the audio book released by Hachette Audio, captures the rock-n-roll spirit and life of Keith Richards and is narrated by Hurley and award winning actor Johnny Depp. The Audio book has won accolades since its release including New Yorker Magazine, Amazon’s Best of 2010, Publisher’s Weekly and numerous celebrities…

During a recent week long road trip, I listened to Life by Keith Richards. The audio book is twenty CDs in length, unabridged. I thought it was start-to-finish terrific. I finished it in five days. Felt sad when it was over. Life is one of those books you never want to end. I guess in a way it won’t because Richards’ story is one that will stay in my head forever. Hurley and Depp’s narration are deserving of the Audie Award. Keith Richards narrates the last few chapters himself.

Probably as much for his partying reputation as for the way he made music, I’ve always idolized Keith Richards. After reading Life, I’ve come to admire him more. There is no doubt Keith Richards epitomizes the label rock star. Listening to him tell his story makes me believe there is nobody more deserving of that moniker. Deserving not because of any (perceived or real) life style, but because of his dedication for making great music. Richards’ love for what he calls Chicago Blues is as obvious coming off the page as it is infectious when you hear that sound. Keith Richards had a gift to share with the world. And share it he did.

Another man with a gift (his for comedy and interviewing people) Marc Maron mentioned Keith Richards’ autobiography on one of his recent WTF Podcasts. “Man did we misjudge this guy” was his observation. My thoughts completely. Maron says he’s reading Life slowly. “Like it was the Bible. Don’t want it to end.”

There is a reason I mention Marc Maron while writing about Keith Richards. I thought of him while watching Jimmy Fallon’s interview with Richards on Late Night May 10, 2011 (clips on Hulu). I hate to be critical of Fallon’s interview skills but I would just say this of that interview. I know Richards speaks in a slow drawn-out-slurry English accent but… Let the man talk. What the fuck? He’s written a ton of great songs. He wrote a book. He is off the smack. He’s not retarded. Probably not Fallon’s fault. Blame TV talk show format and limited amount of time but it sure would be nice to hear somebody have a conversation with one of the greatest rock stars of all time without censorship or time restraints. Which is what made me think of Maron.

OPEN LETTER TO MARC MARON: Please have your people get in touch with Keith Richards’ people. Ask Richards if he would be willing to sit down for an interview. Surely there are plenty of similarities between musicians and comics when it comes to achieving greatness. Plus like yourself, Richards is a guy who is obviously not afraid of being honest. We know he has great stories. I bet some of them are what-the-fucking funny. Do it.

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