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Me, Willie Nelson, Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ratt & Weird Al

OK, OK, OK. I may not be sharing the very same stage but I shall be performing at the same venue before and after each and everyone of these big concerts. Pretty cool, right?! AND this I can brag about: My name does appear on the same poster promoting the event.

This August will be my 8th big year of slinging jokes at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip; August 5-13. The Buffalo Chip Campground is the big concert venue at Sturgis. This summer is the 30th Anniversary of the Best Party Anywhere.  That’s 9 big nights of concerts.

In addition to the main-stage, the Chip has 4 smaller outdoor stages and an indoor comedy club. I’ll be there all week! Two big shows, all 9 nights, 6 PM & Midnight.

Maybe you’re wondering, “Stand-up comedy at a motor cycle rally, after major league concerts? That must be a tough gig?” I say, “It is! That’s what makes it fun.” In the words of the Buffalo Chip’s owner, Woody,  “Ride free, take risks.”

You can read about my first two year of taking risks at the Buffalo Chip in a Kindle Short I self-published: Buffalo Chip Comedian at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Excerpts here: Courageous or Crazy.

Make your reservations now. Take risks whenever you can!

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