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Quickies CD


Like a slug of Jack Daniels after one too many Appletinis, Dwight York’s ”Quickies” is a palate-cleansing dose of pure, distilled comedy. York skips the meandering and navel-gazing that too often passes for stand-up, instead breathing fresh life into the good old-fashioned one-liner. As he puts it, ”I hope you like jokes, because here we go!” Thanks to this stage veteran’s well-honed act and aww-shucks delivery, York’s generally ”adult” material feels quick-witted rather than rapid-fire. He elegantly weaves classic call-backs throughout, tying each seemingly stand-alone gem into a coherent and ludicrous whole. With occasional nods to a (perhaps mythical) seeing-eye dog and the memory-dulling effects of certain recreational substances, he peppers his set with enough recurring themes to provide surprise bonus-laughs, even in the midst of his punchline marathon. York’s comedy brings to mind a number of famous comedians — the dry wit of Steven Wright, the drug humor of Mitch Hedberg, and the filthy but endearing wordplay of George Carlin all seem to make appearances but, in the end, stands as its own uniquely funny voice. It just happens to be a voice giving you ideas on how to creatively use chewing gum to encourage your lady to try out a Brazilian wax. The author of The Vile File, a collection of jokes even this raunchy headliner saw as too depraved for the stage, York’s catching on as a raw new outlaw of comedy.

John Delery of Punchline Magazine: Dwight York, as inventive as he is suggestive, is what Steven Wright would be if Wright had Robert Schimmel’s blue streak, and that’s a compliment to all three master comics.

Rated as a Top Ten Comedy Release of 2009 by The Serious Site and as one of the top comedy releases of the year byPunchline Magazine.

Available from Amazon and iTunes…. PayPal link coming soon.


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