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The Big (painful) Move

I used to have a web site and a blog site. I decided I only wanted one site; the new blog site. So DwightYork.com is now what DwightYorkBlog.com was and DwightYorkBlog.com redirects you to my blog’s new home: DwightYork.com. 

There seems to be some trouble in making that move. All of my blog post “facebook likes” are gone. Apparently they fell off the moving truck. So in case you are wondering if anybody has ever visted this WordPress.org site or liked a particular post or…. The answer is yes. In fact, tens and tens of people have liked my posts. Thank you if you have and if you did, sorry your name has vanished. Seeing those names appear was my favorite part of posting. If you happen to see any of my old “likes” on the side of the road, pick them up. They were very much appreciated and were very hard to come by.

If you want to go to my old website scroll down to “links” on the right side and click on my “DwightYork.com: The official website.” There you can find her. Hi definition headshots, resume, blue background and all.

Thanks for stopping by. And Thanks to Webmaster Scott, for trying to figure all of this shit out.

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