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Testing. Testing. One Two Three. This is Only a Test!

Because of the age of my laptop and the crazy weather the Black Hills is famous for, today’s blog post, my very first video report  — a test drive  — is a hap hazard collection of shit I shot and frantically and hap hazardously put together. I had a deadline last night. There was an important party to attend. It was for early arrivals and employees. There were old friends to reconnect with plus it’s the last chance for those of us working the rally to whoop it up. But before I could go to the party, I needed to know if I could accomplish creating videos with my equipment and if I could upload the large files via the Internet connection  here at the campground.

Before actually using the brand new Flip Cam the Buffalo Chip gave me on Wednesday, I had expected creating video reports would be simple. I didn’t realize the Flip Cam records in high definition and that those files do not play seamlessly on my older model PC. I spent two days figuring out ways to speed up my laptop, while at the same time, waging a war against the weather.

So finally I get my laptop running better BUT STILL importing those hi-def files takes forever. Then it takes even longer to convert those files to a type that Windows Movie Maker understands…..then I have to upload those files on a public WiFi connection that is overloaded and intermittent….

There is also the problem of logistics. I’m my own camera man. That’s not so much of a problem with my Sony camcorder because it’s LED screen twists around so I can see my mug while filming. Did I mention I also plan to use my Sony Flash Cam? It’s not hi-def but it has a 60x zoom. The Flip Cam does not have a screen that the person being filmed can see. I have to guess. Last night I guessed wrong. I’m sideways for awhile. That was not intended to be a cool effect.

The video below is meant to be funny only in the context that I was totally freaking out yesterday. But there must be something funny in it. It’s painful for me to watch.

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