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The Bob and Tom Show: The Joke I Didn’t Do

Three weeks ago I was on The Bob and Tom Radio Show. Of course being a guest on that hugely successful syndicated morning radio program is always a big thrill. Although I had a great time and got a few big laughs, I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to get to my favorite new joke. Maybe it was because of time restraints? Couldn’t have been that I wasn’t being funny, right? I suppose anything is possible…. Probably it was more  likely that Tom was not comfortable  with my new “biker friendly Sturgis Motorcycle Rally jokes”  for fear that I might say something inappropriate. I guess if I were him, I’d be worried too. So I blame the FCC  for not letting me do my new favorite make-you-think dirty bit. It’s cleaned up for radio and I decided to post it here.

Every woman I’ve ever had sex with has been big boned. I’m not saying that they’ve been heavy, I’m saying that I’m well hung. That’s a big “you know what” joke. And I like doing big “you know what” jokes because after the show it helps me get laid. And then when I do bring a woman home and it turns out she’s disappointed, all I have to say is, “Hey: It was a joke.”

Can’t wait to do this one this summer at The Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground where I will use the word “dick” in place of “you know what.”

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