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Validation From One of My Comedy Idols

During an interview this morning on the John Hines Show (WCCO; Twin Cities) Colin Quinn said, “My favorite underrated comedian of all time is from Minnesota, Dwight York.” You can listen to the interview on the John Hines Show Audio on Demand page. Mr Quinn mentions my name starting at about the 8:45 mark.

You can read the story about how I met Colin Quinn, from an earlier post, Me, My Book and Colin Quinn.

You can see Colin Quinn Unconstitutional on Monday, April 7, at the Guthrie Theater, in Minneapolis. You can read an interview with Colin Quinn, and find out more about his show, and how he feels about other Minnesotans, at the Star Tribune.

You can see me at a comedy club somewhere, sometime…. Just as soon as I get back down to earth. I am rushing to publish this post, while the story is new. I was hoping to think of a clever and funny way to thank one of my comedy idols, in a public forum…. But I guess, I’ll go with simple sincerity. Thanks Colin. Means a lot.

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